Why RCP in 2017?

RCP was launched in 2000 with the simple goal of providing the most insightful news analysis of the day. Our founders had a vision to build a site where visitors could find the most trustworthy information on need-to-know issues. In 2016, readers relied on RCP to follow the election and get the story right. In the end, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough would credit us with coming the closest to calling the election.
 “...the people of RealClearPolitics basically predicted a tie. Nobody else came close."
– Joe Scarborough, MSNBC

2017 brings a new administration and a shift in Congress. Our partners can count on RCP to provide a bridge to key audiences during a new administration – influencers and elites from left, right, and center rely on us to present a full picture of what is taking place across this country.

Don’t just be part of the conversation during this pivotal time; start the conversation. Let’s talk about a partnership in 2017; your messaging needs to be front and center. Please fill out the brief form and we’ll follow up with you.

2017: Start the Conversation


Who We Are

Since 2000, RealClearPolitics has been a leader in examining and dissecting the national conversation and introducing fresh new ideas and smart takes on the political landscape.

Our original stories and hand-curated content empower readers to question conventional thinking and stay informed on and ahead of 2017 policy issues. There’s no better time than the first year of the new administration to make sure your organization’s message is heard.

“RealClearPolitics is the first website I check every morning. It’s an invaluable tool for anybody interested in politics or public affairs."
– David Brooks, The New York Times

“I rely on RealClearPolitics as an essential guide through the maze of Washington, national politics and world affairs. Without it, I would be lost."
– Donald Baer, Worldwide Chair & CEO, Burson-Marsteller